How To: Make Christmas Healthy

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But not for your diet, with all the chocolate, potlucks and big christmas dinners its easy to let your diet go out the window. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we have come up with some easy tips that you can follow to stay in control of your diet this christmas season

1.Limit your Alcohol intake

Alcohol is very high in calories with no benefit to your diet. Save the calories from Alcohol while still enjoying the christmas party just as much!

2. Bring a healthy option to the Potluck

You have no control over what other people bring to a potluck but luckily for you, you can control what you bring. By brining a healthy option you know for sure there will be something to eat that doesn’t hurt your diet.

3. Have a little taste of a lot of things

Instead of loading up on one food have a little bite of everything. This way you are still getting to enjoy all the food that there is to offer without going overboard. This will give you the satisfaction of eating without going crazy with the calories.

4. Make time for a workout

Even if its a 10 minute walk, jogging in place or dancing to a song its important to take time burn some calories. Make it a fun family activity or take some much needed you time there is always a few minutes to spare.

5. Enjoy the surrounding rather than the food

Family is the best part about Christmas, take time to appreciate them rather then focusing on the food. Although its hard to forget its there, talking with your family away from the food will make it easier not to mindlessly eat everything in site.

Most of all enjoy your Christmas its a time for love and family. Make sure that you are not depriving yourself but don’t go overboard!


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